Types of Classic Car Restorations


Offering ground up, partial, and turn key classic car restorations, Eastern Rod and Customs knows how to treat your classic car and do it right the first time so you will be able to enjoy your car worry free from craftsmanship for many years to come.
When a classic car comes in, ERC sits down with the customer to discuss the story behind the car, the vision of the completed car, the budget, the work that will be completed in stages and process of restoration.
This process will mainly involve beginning in the cartoon porn disassembly stage, where the classic is taken down to a bare body and frame.  It is media blasted, and necessary repairs are made to the body and sheet metal.  This leaves the frame to be powder coated or painted for the build up process.

Tyipical customers looking for a classic car restoration will rebuild the original engine (and Eastern Rod and Customs has rebuilt some very unique engine and transmissions) where parts are hard to find.  Drop it in the restored frame with new suspension, brakes, wheels and tires and the car is ready for paint.  When you add the wiring and interior, we have just completed the restoration.

Classic Car Restoration Project:

Classic Car Before                                                           

Classic Car Restoration by Easter Rod and Customs - Before

Classic Car After

Eastern Rod and Customs - Classic Car Restoration - After

Now usually one nude celebrities of the first questions from a customer is how much does restoring a classic car cost?  Before answering, ERC likes to make sure the customer and the company are on the same page as to what the customer means by restoration…a question usually interpreted with broad results.  So for these purposes, we will define classic car restoration as a full pull requiring a complete rebuild of every aspect of the car, from the body panels, to the mechanicals, drive train, electrical system, and interior of the car.

If you google it you will find milf porn the average classic car restoration is 1000 hours.  Taking an average of our labor rates (we use one for metal fabrication and one for the rest of the work) of $74, that would mean $74,000 in labor cost.  With the average cost for parts for high quality restoration on a classic car being $12,000, total average cost is $86,000.  But this of course varies based on the budget, cost and availability of parts, the extent of the restoration, and time put into the body prep and paint.

Have questions about a Antique or Classic Car Restoration? Give us a call or hot milfs stop by our store located at 1505 Capital Blvd #20a Raleigh, NC 27603:

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